Beat Your Energy Slump With These Simple Exercises

We all know what that afternoon slump feels like. A quick dip of energy, followed by sluggishness. As hard as it is to shake, we all have ways of dealing with it – coffee, music, a brisk walk.

Here are two simple stretches (that actually work) to re-energize your body and snap you out of nap-mode in a matter of seconds. These gentle back stretches revitalizes your spine, your body’s centre of energy, and rejuvenate your mind.

The Downward-Facing Dog
Lie on your belly, stretch your arms forward and flatten your palms on the ground. Set your feet on the ground and raise your hips towards the sky. Inhale and arch your back into a V-shape. If you’re not too stiff, raise one leg upwards for a more intense stretch.

The Cobra
Lie on your belly, set your elbows under your shoulders, and stretch your heels all the way out. Inhale and lift your chest upward and away from the ground. Make this stretch more effective by lifting your elbows off the ground.Discover our plant-based wellness products at

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