We follow so many routines when it comes to skincare! From dabbing on night cream before bed to applying a dash of sunscreen before stepping out in the morning, each of us knows what works best for our skin. So we going to discuss on how to use natural shampoo for hair growth.

Now, what about our hair? Most of us approach haircare in a pretty simple way. Shampoo, condition, rinse. Some of us go the extra mile and indulge in weekly hair masks, oil treatments, styling products, hair sprays, and the list goes on. We practically take our hair care routines for granted! That is until our locks begin to show signs of damage.

Tips On Applying A Natural Shampoo For Hair Growth & Thickness

What’s most important, when there’s damage or loss of strands, is hair growth. Although not many of us yearn for lengthy locks, we do want a thick head of hair on most days. This is because a healthy and lush scalp is synonymous with a healthy body.

Today, we’re going to show you a super simple method for hair growth. It’s really easy to incorporate into your weekly routine and is absolutely great to kickstart your hair growth. Moreover, it’s 100% all-natural.

  • Step 1

Take a small quantity of our plant-based shampoo. Massage the formulation from scalp to strand. The ingredients we use are completely nature-derived, and the formula is rich in antioxidants and restorative ingredients. This blend gently cleanses, nourishes, and boosts hair growth. 

  • Step 2

Work the blend into a lather for a few minutes. Rinse out. Our plant-based shampoo reduces hair fall and damage caused by toxic chemicals and pollution and is absolutely great for daily use. Moreover, it’s suitable for all hair types, whether dry, damaged, normal, or color-treated.

Does A Natural Shampoo Make Any Difference To Your Hair?

The answer is yes. Most natural formulations take at least 5-10 washes to begin showing an effective difference. If you can wait it out patiently, you will find the harsh chemical side-effects of commercial, toxic shampoos slowly disappearing. Thereafter, your scalp begins to produce natural oils, and the healthy, full-bodied look reappears. 

What Constitutes An All-Natural Shampoo?

There are so many natural shampoos in the market, so choose the right one! Sometimes we can mistake a shampoo for being a natural one, just because it contains a few organic ingredients. Make sure you’re opting for a transparent, clean-label brand, that only uses ingredients that are 100% nature-derived. Shampoos are often laced with chemical preservatives and synthetic ingredients, to maintain consistency and longevity. This is totally normal, so ensure that if you want something all-natural, double-check the ingredients and preservatives first. 


The good thing is that the Arata shampoo has been created with 100% plant-derived extracts. We believe in transparency – from our manufacturing processes to the information we share with our customers (everything). We’ve got all our ingredients listed on our website. 

The key ingredients in our shampoo include all-natural raspberry, maple, lemon, sugarcane, and European blueberry extracts, formulated into a gentle blend for your strands. Each extract strengthens your hair, cleanses your strands, and removes everyday pollutants to reveal a happy scalp.

You can view our plant-based shampoo here.

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