Let’s Beat The Heat

In this article, we going to discuss the best 4 hair care hit-list in summer for natural growth. Visualize summer, the heat at its peak. A slow-burning. Humidity and sunshine beating down on you. Your scalp is the first to experience the unendurable heat.

An unwanted dose of fiery warmth can hit your hair pretty badly. The humidity and heat of the Indian summer can result in a frizzy mane and dry, split ends. We all know how this can give your hair an undernourished, damaged look. You could be one of the lucky ones unaffected by the heat. In which case, you’re probably looking for a way to rejuvenate your strands anyway.

Our Summer Hair Care Tips

Realizing that the average hair care routine doesn’t always cut it – that’s the first step to transformation. This is why we’ve got a few simple tips and tricks to keep those gorgeous strands healthy all summer.

1. Don’t Make The Mistake Of Over-Washing

You heard right. We know how easy it is to over-wash your hair. A refreshing shower at the end of a long day, followed by a cleansing head massage and wash. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It’s a great way to keep your strands squeaky clean and get rid of the toxins of daily life.

Remember, it’s best not to over-wash your hair! Your scalp produces natural oils that are essential to the health and body of your hair. The more you wash your tresses, the more you strip them of those natural oils. Keep the over-washing at bay and let your hair go wild.

2. Apply A Mild, Non-Toxic Conditioner

It doesn’t matter if your hair is curly, wavy, color-treated, or straight. A chemical-free conditioner goes a long way. The lack of toxins and heavy chemicals ensure that your strands remain healthy. Commercial conditioners often contain harsh toxins that lead to chemical build-up, weighing your hair down. Choose a formula that’s gentle, effective, and tames the frizz without any toxic consequences.

At Arata, we have a plant-based conditioner that gives dull, damaged hair a dose of nature-derived nourishment.

3. Avoid Excessive Blow-Outs

The less exposure to heat, the better your hair will feel. With the fiery heat emanating down on us, it’s best to avoid flat-irons or curlers. Not to forget excessive blow-dry and any kind of heat-induced therapy for your scalp.

Give the heat a break. Go natural.

4. Use Less Products On Your Hair

Frizz is a common by-product of the heat and humidity. If you’re in the habit of applying plenty of hair wax, gel, spray, and sculpting cream, we get you. It can become imperative to tame your locks.

Today, hair styling products are filled with harsh chemicals. These can lead to a host of issues, including hair fall, damage, premature greying, and chemical build-up. Not to forget excessive oil production and imbalances of the scalp, which cause acne, inflammation, redness, and spots.

The bottom-line: tame your locks with non-toxic products.


We recommend cutting down the use of toxic products, as difficult as that may sound. If you really want to style your strands, go for a completely nature-derived formula. Such formulations nurture with plant-based goodness and rinse out easily. At Arata, we have a chemical-free Hair Cream, which is light and easy to apply. This can be paired with our nourishing, non-toxic Hair Gel, which contains the goodness of organic Flax Seeds. Both are nourishing, offering none of the side effects that chemical ingredients do.

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